More tea, Vicar?

Anonymous said: Johnlock?

Sure :) Just give me something specific


I got a creeper mug!

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I'm glad I have at least something minecraft/AH/RT related and that i didn't have to order this online so I'm back in Moscow for a day leaving for my dad's summer house later


It’s 5 in the morning and I’m just not feeling like working on the background or reactions. @you-have-a-winter-heart , hope you like it anyway! I’d been trying to draw in for weeks, but I couldn’t get Ryan’s face right. Don’t know where his t-shirt went ;v;

Freewood achievement hunter gavin free ragehappy ryan haywood why not tag it not like there's anything serious was planning on drawing it in a different style hence their pants look so weird should've been a dark room only with lights from computer screens and lineart done like in comic books it looked so cool in my head but once I drew Gavin's face I just couldn't ruin it what is this blanket whoa did i say how much i like painting? Going to St. Petersbourg in a few days gonna see a lot of art in the museums so excited! And i have a thing to tell you probably tomorrow I'll be sending postcards to everyone who wants it from there but i'll make a post about it later

Anonymous said: give ♥ this ♥ to the ♥ twelve♥ nicest ♥ people ♥ you ♥ know ♥ if ♥ you ♥ get ♥ five ♥ back ♥ you ♥ must ♥ be ♥ perfect ♥

Oh wow, thank you anon *blushing*


anon reply Anonymous consider me sending you one back

heytheregisela, does Michael look sad enough? I’m bad at drawing sad things (╯︵╰) I watercolored it first, but computer version looks better

Achievement Hunter michael jones gavin free mavin rage happy i messed up with anatomy again ugh and what the hell is gavin's hand i give up on me nice to know that my new screen has right saturation so my art doesn't look different on other people's screens i can't imagine Michael being sad and needing comfort this is one of the earliest requests I got it became very difficult to find them in my inbox! I'm afraid some of them are lost in tons of other messages request i really like drawing these two AH RT SAI



Well, Gavin obviously have done something stupid here! Although I think Dan would just laugh his ass off before helping Gavin on the situation. [Pics]

reblogging my own art mwahaha just want to tell that I PASSED MY FUCKING EXAMS BLOODY PERFECT! Gonna be drawing more RT and AH stuff starting tomorrow! and today i just chill College nightmare is over 2 months of freedom
i absolutely love the way you colour it is literally just happiness it is perf i love it

Tbh, I like coloring much more, than doing lineart! It’s difficult for me to line, but without it I can’t color :C If you ever have something you don’t want to color- I’m your guy

lazyenigma reply I have a bunch of coloring books at home haha

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I’m giving up on drawing both of them. And seriously, what the hell is their ship name (not r&r connection one)??

Let it be RayWood

achievement hunter ragehappy r & r connection raywood from now on i stop challenging myself on doing requests with characters i have problems drawing there's just no point trying this over and over again to end up frustrated each time
is such a thing possible?

I think so?? These two are the hardest people for me to draw!

laraloops reply frustration

I think I failed Ryan/Ray request

Swimming competition, 50 m freestyle. Guess who won a silver medal today!

I’m so bloody happy and tired, and I don’t want to do anything. Also, starting next week I’m gonna be busy with college related stuff (as if my internship isn’t enough), meaning probably no requests at all untill I’m done with exams (last one is on July 5th).


personal i WILL post one request today or tomorrow since I promised and I wanted to do 'bitch tentacles' thing but i have only PS portable and can't animate anymore :C Does anyone know any FREE programs for animating? Also every part of my body hurts and i want to eat and sleep but it's raining and i don't want to go outside to buy food (mostly bananas) AND I'M NOT SURE IF I LIKE MY FACE ON THIS PICTURE it looks kinda long on this picture and hair are weird ugh whatever me

On our first day on this ship Nastya brought her old Earth camera to the bridge and, as a captain, demanded somebody to take a picture of us. I don’t understand why humans are so attached to memories, but I don’t mind seeing my t’hy’la delighted.

Finally finished something for my t’hy’la (huggable-dwalin), she’s this adorable redhead in captain’s seat :3 I was very confused by starfleet uniform, so whatever I drew here can not be taken seriously. 

t'hy'la star trek Also I was lazy drawing background for the main photo vulcan starfleet Насть ты уж не ругай за историю про камеру хд) I just wanted a story behind this picture SAI whoa this took me a long time to make! IT'S ALMOST 5 IN THE MORNING I'm out

Can we just talk about Valka for a second? I just came back from How To Train Your Dragon 2 and I’m a bit emotional. No, let’s not talk. My heart is bleeding

httyd I'm so emotional spoilers she's just a big baby I want to hug and never let go I can't even tell you how I feel about her 20 years It's such a long time

Here goes this week’s request~

joelay roosterteeth rt requests i suck at dynamics in my art looks so unreal and i had no idea what to do with background i don't ship joelay because i rarely see them even talking to each other i'm sure there's plenty of stuff with this ship it's cute but i don't feel it freewood and mavin forever i hope i got resolution right! or at least this is what internet told me write me if you want to change anything this is your request
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