More tea, Vicar?

King Gavin is my favourite thing now

Achievement hunter gavin free roosterteeth let's play minecraft king gavin I was ass lazy drawing it as you can see I was just so excited for this let's play this is not a weekly request rt ah

Here goes last week’s request for turtleplz and anon (since I got two Geovin requests I kinda combined them). Thanks both of you for requesting!

geovin achievement hunter ragehappy roosterteeth gavin free rt ah i'm trying to change my style to draw quicker because during college i can't spend 6 and more hours on drawing stuff as i usually did

I’m almost done with 2 in 1 Geovin requests, but I’m too tired to color it right now, so expect it tomorrow! Sorry for not posting much lately, college gets me hard.


Pls (x)

assholes i love you burnvin rt i ship them even more than mavin but there's no god stuff

Request of this week goes to blueberryonmars! I’m glad you like my style. Felt a bit weird drawing Michael without glasses

mavin ragehappy achievement hunter requests you won't probably notice but gav is wearing a creaper t-shirt played around with lightning and shadows in ps still don't understand how can people actually paint in ps sai forever rt ah i'm so tired because of college like holy shit

I want to sleep all the time because of college now. I come home and go right to bed (unless I need to pick up my sister), wake up in the evening, do some stuff/go swimming and go to bed again. I physically can’t draw anything on computer now! But I have a whole bunch of sketches like the one I just posted, draw a lot of things during lessons (partly because college is boring and partly because a lot of times we just have to listen and write things down, so I have some time for improvising).

Don’t worry about requests though, I’m sure I’ll be able to draw something at least once a week!

me babbling college and stuff

I probably won’t finish this, my thick marker died a while back. Might do it digitally one day. About this spider-castle, I saw this thing in my dream a few days ago, it was way too cool not to try and draw! But it looked a bit scarier than that.

art pen original sketch artwork

I’ve got a couple of Geovin requests, so I’ll make a small comic for both people at once based on that picture.
Also, 1st day of college was today. Don’t talk to me about this shit.

geoff ramsey gavin free geovin achievement hunter roosterteeth sketch i hate college my crush left i love him like since year 1 and now it's our last 4th and he just left

THIS comic is what I’ve been drawing all summer. I’m not sure I can say anything about it yet, only that it’s Bioshock related and it’s a collaboration between about 10 people, each drawing one chapter of a story. I don’t know what are other chapters about, I’ll have to wait till our scriptwriter starts uploading comic online (which won’t happen for a while).

These are just a few of my favourite frames from my chapter. It was hard not only to draw itself. Transforming words from the script into comic, organising frames, coming up with what characters are doing, what backgrounds to use. I don’t like drawing plants, nature isn’t my thing. And my PS is portable so I couldn’t type dialogues, I had to switch back to my old computer. But after all I just know that I improved so much because of this project! This was a really good experience for me. Never doing that again tho :D

art background comic i knew I would just waste my summer so I just had to sign up for something challenging! scenery

I bought new glasses today, and I feel like a hawk right now. I had no idea that my vision got so much worse, holy hell! why am I such a nerd

me selfie PS I remind myself of Emma Watson even more so on instagram pic because filter made it look like i'm smirking and Emma is my role model since like I was7 or 8? she's amazing also why is it hard to imitate instagram filters? 30 minutes of work got me nowhere close to Mayfair looks like hipster photo haha don't hate me shit i'm so hot

I was saving this lovely request from i-am-micool-jones for last because I was afraid of drawing things in the dark/shadows. I just really liked the idea and didn’t want to mess it up. 

This is the last request out of these you sent in the first half of 2014! Sorry I didn’t do all of them (reasons). But I’m taking requests again hoping that I’ll be able to do as many as I can while trying to graduate from college. 

mavin ragehappy achievement hunter art requests rt ah just want to remind you not to send just ship name give me more information on what to draw without making request too complicated like I can't draw comic stuff my college starts next wek and this is my last year so there's gonna be a lot of studying did i just type wek God I'm tired 4 in the morning

I was supposed to finish it today, but I’m already falling asleep. This is gonna be the last of these requests you guys sent me (whoa) back in April. I didn’t do a whole bunch of them, sorry about that! Some of them have just ship names, or are a bit complicated to draw, or I had no idea how to illustrate a moment (excuses, excuses). But I just want to say that I appreciate every single one of you who actually sent me something!

And one more reason for this post:

500 amazing people! I hope you like it here, because I sure as hell like you! Talk to me I’m lonely

me rt mavin process I also know some porn blogs that are following me and I don't understand why do they even do that

Anonymous said: Personally, it's cool seeing an artist who is great at both traditional and digital! I absolutely adore your digital work, but seeing actual hand drawn work is such an amazing thing too! ;v; So maybe upload some more traditional sketches/finished pieces as well as digital c:? it's cool seeing how an artist strives in different types of mediums!

I’m happy that you like my art, both digital and traditional! To be honest, this is actually my first year taking digital art seriously. I’ve had tablet for about 7 years, but never liked drawing on computer, so 90% of my art was traditional (watercolor, oil, percils, ink) and mostly art school related. 

Anyway, I’ll start posting tradition stuff here instead of my side blog then! Thank you! 

Anonymous ask


Some freewood I’ll upload digitally tomorrow. In request Ryan is supposed to be fierce, which I don’t really how to draw?? I’ll have to work on Ryan’s face more. I don’t like it here

Well, comparing notes from this sketch to notes from the final thing below - I’m confused, like, do you guys really like my sketches more than the work I put hours into?
Because if you prefer sketches - should I stop doing requests digitally (because it takes a lot if time) and do more “on paper” stuff?

my art side blog rt ah sketch I'm just a bit upset now Oh well At least some people liked that completed request

The only thing that upsets me is that when anons write me I can’t send them a message saying that I did their request. I hope that you are still following me, lovely anon! [Sketch here]

team love and stuff achievement hunter gavin free ryan haywood freewood ah rt once again i'm sorry i'm so late with these requests this summer was mental because of the amount of work i had to draw
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