More tea, Vicar?

arkaena maevie and spacedeerling’s mavin (>♥_♥)>

oh my god

infinitehayffie what even (//*_*//) bless you my friend I love maevie's art so much and you just put us in one post i'm dying is this real life

There’s nothing in this let’s play I want to draw :C I guess I’ll start doing my ragehappy secret santa thingy then

me babbling feels weird not to draw at all

Anonymous said: What tablet do you use? And how did you learn to draw on it ? I have tried drawing on tablets and i can't do it, tho it may help if i could actually draw :I

I use Bamboo Fun CTE-650. It was hard to draw on it after I first got it (I was 13), but it was mostly because I was bad at drawing. I almost didn’t use my tablet for the first 4 years — I tried, but I was just so frustrated with my art that I was giving up every time. But then I got a year break from my Art School and had a chance to draw a lot of things for myself, so I started practising from time to time until finally a year ago I made myself draw as often as I could. You don’t have to learn to work with tablet, you just need to get used to it. Your actual art skills — that’s what matters! Tablet is just an instrument, practise always makes everything better no matter what materials you use. Be persistent, art is not easy! Hope you’ll try to work on you tablet again, good luck :]

ask anon Anonymous thank you for asking! Don't worry about it too much tablets are tricky

Anonymous said: Could you take us through your art routine? Like what do you do, to make you awesome pieces of art and stuff please :3


If I have to draw people I always start with just pencil and paper, because I feel more comfortable with traditional art. Then I take a picture and draw lineart over it on a new layer, correcting little mistakes along the way (going all the way from this to this, or this to this, or this to this). Here are some examples of my process: Ray with rosesEdgar, Mavin

For art like this I usually look at the reference from let’s plays and then try to sketch out something similar (I changed the angle a little bit here, better perspective).

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Anonymous art who are you my friend process ah rt my art I took this ask as an opportunity to finally put some of this stuff together so thank you again i hope you are not the only one interested long post

Anonymous said: Did you draw that sad looking crepper on purpose? Because it looks like its looking up at Gavin and it seems sad, on why am i sad over this??

Yes, I did it on purpose. Some of his people miss him too, and it’s a very sad thing

anon Anonymous gavin & his people ah rt achievement hunter I cry at night over this headcanon

Gavin’s people

My own headcanon got me pretty hard, it’s just sadness all over. Have one quick drawing, because I’ve got 700 of you now! I love you all ;v; please talk to me

Gavin’s people

My own headcanon got me pretty hard, it’s just sadness all over. Have one quick drawing, because I’ve got 700 of you now! I love you all ;v; please talk to me

gavin & his people achievement hunter gavin free let's play minecraft roosterteeth ah rt I want to draw more gavin with creepers sketch there should be a much real way to draw creepers

Let’s Play Minecraft — Episode 123 [See part 1]

I sense a very sad story here, kinda my headcanon about Gavin’s people. However he offended them he didn’t really mean it, and now he hangs out with his new friends, but  it’s not easy to let old memories go.

Achievement Hunter gavin free roosterteeth let's play minecraft michael jones rt ah i feel really sad about his parents lazy ass background tbh I want to draw Portal 2 art My sketchbook is full of Wheatley's also want to draw Gavin with a lot of creepers some day gavin & his people

Working on another thing from ep. 123. (I will never stop drawing Michael with glasses) Wanted to finish it today, but it’s too late where I live, good night, my friends

lineart let's play minecraft gavin free achievement hunter ah rt


followers but srsly i love you all so much god bless your lovely souls me babbling

Portal 2 (and Wheatley in particular) gave me so many feels

portal me babbling this game was amazing easy enough to pay attention to the plot wheatley is a ball of emotions and awkwardness and just sdfdsafdasgasdg he's cute as hell and his hacking skills are amazing because he's so shy and stuff oh Wheatley why did you do it I just finished reading Blue Sky holy shit this is the kind of fanfiction I can sell my soul for So well written!!! and characters are so characteristick like hell i read all wheatley and Glados's lines with their voices in my head because it was just SOOO WELL WRITTEN GOD BLESS THE AUTOR

Let’s Play Minecraft — Episode 123 [See part 2]

This let’s play was so great that I plan on drawing at least two more things!

Achievement Hunter roosterteeth gavin free let's play minecraft mavin rt ah i love these let's plays they are like the old ones just nice seing them working together i need to practice drawing backgrounds more

I ship freewood so much that it hurts Q_Q 

There should be more art

and well written fanfiction


freewood delete later god help me

Today I realised that I can actually play this song

ukulele guitar music adventure time at sorry not sorry for not rt and ah art me my music It seriously took me 30 minutes because I'm an idiot And have a sore throat And my Internet died right after And I can't do my homework T.T playing Portal it is then

Nobody invited you [x]

I gave up after trying to draw Geoff’s Minecraft skin. I really need to come up with something easier T-T

Geoff Ramsey jack pattillo achievement hunter roosterteeth Team OG rt ah why am i so lazy King Gavin was bloody amazing my fav so far

Hope you brought your balls, Ryan! [x]

michael jones achievement hunter roosterteeth crazymad let's play it was weird to draw him without glasses I wanted to draw King Gavin but it came out later than last week so it's really late where I live so I just drew some Michael i don't draw in this style because characters look different every time rt ah Michael is so attractive I just can't
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